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Artist Statement



     I majored in Digital Art at Seoul Institute of  The Arts in South Korea, and Fine art through the Graduate Diploma programme at Chelsea College of Art. I learned how to use technical programmes along with conceptual ideas. Traditional methods, such as drawings and paintings were just my sources when I did digital work. However, conventional methods made me more interested in painting than digital works. Currently, I am working on the notion of a psychological condition mainly using oil paint. I have been trying to explore more of artistic methods. 


     Earning my artworks will not only refine my art abilities, expose me to new mediums, and broaden my ability to express myself effectively through visual art, but moreover, create a great community with my classmates and professors. I have wanted to create a healthy community that is ready to create a dialogue with each other’s works and give constructed criticism.

      Furthermore,  the experiences and development thereof, I have been tried to execute a broader sense of art practices such as a combination of paintings with digital art to create an installation or a conceptual work with a new medium. On top of that, I want to develop my conceptual idea, which talks about a psychological defect of a human being, through different courses. Moreover, I am looking forward to talking to a wider audience throughout practical opportunities such as exhibitions. 


     In terms of my experiences as an artist, I have done a show with my classmates at the university programme successfully. In 2016, I participated a digital art festival with a work called Records, the medium connecting the past and the present with three other artists. I mainly filmed the work for this exhibition. Though it was my first professional exhibition, I realized how the format of an exhibition can be spoken to audiences.

     I look forward to being nurtured as an artist with a number of exhibitions, share opinions with a strong artistic community, and execute a meaningful body of works that will inspire others. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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